Former Newtown man jailed for abusing partner’s daughter

May 16, 2016

A former south Armagh man convicted of sexually abusing his partner’s daughter was handed a ten-year jail sentence at Dublin’s Central Criminal Court on Monday last.

Darren Davidson (37) formerly of Dungormley Estate in Newtownhamilton was convicted of eleven sexual offences against the girl when she was aged between 13 and 15.   The abuse was carried out at the victim’s home in Co. Monaghan between 2008 and 2010.

After initially being quizzed by Gardaí when the allegations were reported in 2010, Davidson emigrated to Australia but was arrested in Manchester last year and extradited to the Republic of Ireland.

Having been convicted last March, the court heard that the abuse began when Davidson moved in with the girl’s mother. At one point, he suggested to her that her daughter be “put on the pill”. She asked why, saying that the girl was not sexually active and did not have a boyfriend.

The woman, who is now an adult, waived her right to anonymity and in a written statement told the court that she did not wish to be a victim, but felt the abuse would always be with her.

She said she found the trial process incredibly difficult because she had to be in close proximity to Davidson, but was glad she went through with it.

“When I look at my younger sister I feel I have protected her and that makes the trial worth it,” she said.

She revealed she decided to make a complaint to Gardaí because the abuse was getting more frequent and severe and she felt she had to protect her siblings.

“I was no longer going to stand being a sexual object for him,” she said.

The judge said she had the “classic symptoms of being abused by someone they trust”.  He said that without any mitigating factors, he would have imposed a 12-year sentence. However, he took into account Davidson’s good work history, his character references and his epilepsy.

Imposing a 10-year term with the final year suspended, he ordered that Davidson be registered as a sex offender.

Davidson has since married another women who was standing by him, his defence lawyer revealed.