Victims ‘traumatised’ after vicious attack in Cullyhanna

June 13, 2016

A “vicious attack” on a mum, her young child and two men which took place in Cullyhanna on Friday morning has left the victims “extremely traumatised”, said SDLP MLA Justin McNulty.

The woman, her child, her male relative and another man were confronted by a three man gang wielding a shovel and a wheel brace during a visit to the site of a partially built new house in Cullyhanna.  When the terrified mother warned the attackers her young child was in the car, the gang callously smashed the windows of the vehicle, showering the child with glass.

All of the victims were taken to Daisy Hill Hospital for treatment, where one of the males remained in a stable condition on Saturday night. It is understood that at least one of the three adults was treated for serious bruising and broken bones.

The other man and woman were treated at the hospital but were later discharged.

SDLP Newry and Armagh MLA Justin McNulty, told The Examiner he had spoken to all three victims of the shocking assault and he said they had been left “extremely traumatised” by the incident.

“This vicious assault can never be justified or rationalised and the victims are at a complete loss as to why they were targeted,” he said.

“An attack like this is beneath contempt and reminds us of the worst days of our past. This community is rightly appalled and we all hope that the PSNI are successful in apprehending those responsible,” he added, before appealing to anyone in the local area with any information which may assist the police with their inquiries to “come forward with it without delay.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating the incident, which is not believed to have been sectarian.