Newry man’s ‘Spoon Chronicles’ video diary goes viral

June 20, 2016

Newry man Niall Brady has become a YouTube sensation with his video diary which documents his year-long quest to get a spoon into a mug!  The hilarious “Spoon Chronicles”, which received over a million views in just two days, captures his daily inability to land a spoon into a mug by launching it over his shoulder.

In the five minute compilation video, filmed over the course of a year, Niall waves the spoon in front of the camera before throwing it in the hope it will land in a china mug he has positioned on his kitchen worktop.

His valiant efforts have been described as “ridiculously entertaining” – with one hilarious near miss featuring Niall hitting the worktop with the spoon before it bounces into the air and lands in another mug. His dedication to the challenge is almost legendary with viewers treated to clip after clip of failed attempts and hysterical reactions to yet another near miss. During one attempt the Newry man even dons a helmet to add a bit of variation to the task.

Eventually after almost a year of spectacular fails Niall manages to pull off the trick shot and reacts by screaming in a mixture of shock and delight as he holds his hands to his head in disbelief.

With his labour of love finally accomplished, Niall then films the spoon inside the mug as he screams, ‘I never thought this day was going to come, I’m so f****** happy!’

The determined Newry man’s quest has made him an overnight internet star with many viewers wondering what he’s going to do with the rest of his life now he has managed to pull off his hilarious feat.

“Surely this is the pinnacle and it’s all downhill from here?” asks one fan while another predicts he will appear on US TV show Ellen and be given a year’s supply of spoons!