Remains of Garda killer ‘exhumed and dumped’

June 20, 2016

The cremated remains of the man who murdered Garda Tony Golden in Omeath, in October last year have been exhumed from a grave in St Patrick’s cemetery in Drumgath, near Rathfriland, the Examiner has learned.

It has been claimed the killer’s ashes were buried in a relative’s plot there without the knowledge of the church or any family members and when it was discovered during the past week, persons unknown opened the grave and removed an urn containing his ashes.  The incident came to light ahead of the annual Blessing of the Graves ceremony last Thursday when relatives tending to the grave noticed it had been disturbed.

One of those involved in the exhumation reportedly said his family had “washed their hands of anything and everything  to do with  [him] and that his remains would not be wanted or welcome” in the family plot.

Adrian Crevan Mackin shot dead Garda Golden as he responded to a domestic incident at the home Mackin shared with his partner Siobhan Phillips in Omeath, Co. Louth in October.  Ms Phillips was also shot twice in the head by the crazed gunman before he turned the gun on himself.  Miraculously she survived and continues her slow recovery.

In the wake of the tragedy, Mackin’s family disowned him and his body lay unclaimed for several months before he was cremated at Roselawn cemetery, Belfast.  It appears someone recently claimed his ashes and secretly buried them in the family grave, a move which has angered and disgusted his relatives.

The Examiner has seen verified photographs of the inscribed wooden casket containing Mackin’s ashes, the whereabouts of which is now unknown with source claiming they had been dumped “where they will never be found”.