Sanctions imposed on GP convicted in will forgery case

July 11, 2016

The Dundalk-based GP who was convicted for his part in the fraudulent alteration of the will of Forkhill publican Kitty Haughey, has been permitted to continue practicing at his surgery, with sanctions imposed by the Medical Council.

Dr. Seamus Cassidy was found guilty by Newry Crown Court in 2014 of conspiring with others to change the €1.9 million will and to fake a sale of property.

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for three years.

Cassidy was subsequently investigated by the republic’s Medical Council and earlier this year was found guilty of two counts of professional misconduct.  Following submission of the inquiry’s report, the doctor has been permitted to continue practicing at his surgery in the Ramparts, with conditions attached to his registration.

Dr Cassidy told the Medical Council inquiry, held in Dublin in March, that he had been threatened to witness the will ‘signature’, a threat that was ‘credible and real’ and extended to his family.  He said he was “trapped and made the wrong choice”, and expressed remorse at the shame he has brought on his family and profession.

The inquiry also took into account his failure to declare a previous conviction for drink driving in the North.

The conditions on Dr. Cassidy’s registration include that he completes an alcohol awareness programme and a programme in Medical Ethics acceptable to the Medical Council; and that he undertakes the bringing of his obligations up to date.  For a period of two years, he must meet regularly with a nominated person acceptable to the Medical Council to discuss his progress in compliance with the sanctions, reports of which may be provided to the Council if deemed necessary.  All costs arising from the conditions are to be met by him and the conditions attached to the retention of his name on the register will remain in place for at least two years.