Dangerous vehicle attacks could cost lives, warns Casey

July 11, 2016

The thugs behind a spate of recent attacks on vehicles in the Camlough Road area of Newry have been warned that their dangerous actions could cost lives.

Sinn Féin Councillor Charlie Casey told The Examiner that it was “only a matter of good fortune” that nobody has been hurt or killed in the unwarranted attacks which have left motorists and Translink employees fearful of passing through the area.

On Sunday 3rd July a good samaritan Translink employee who had pulled over on his way home from work to help a woman with a flat tyre, narrowly escaped injury when a youth riding a scrambler type bike launched a brick through his car windscreen.  According to Mr Casey, the man is usually accompanied by his son, who has special needs, and “it was only luck” that on this occasion his son was not in the vehicle.

The following day, in the same area, thugs hurled stones at a Translink bus as it made its way through the area, breaking several windows and leaving frightened passengers badly shaken.

“These are not youthful antics; it is no exaggeration to say that had the bus driver been hit by one of those stones, which he very nearly was, we could be dealing with a tragedy here,” said the Sinn Fein Councillor.

Appealing to the local community he asked anyone who knows who is behind these attacks to report them to either the PSNI or a community representative.

“It is your family members who use these buses, it’s your area that will be left isolated when these services are withdrawn, it is your community whose name will be blackened and it is you they will turn on next when there are no buses left to throw stones at,” warned Mr Casey.

In a direct plea to the perpetrators of the attacks, who he believed to be “quite young,” the Sinn Fein Councillor asked them to consider the consequences their actions could have on their futures and their victims.

“What sort of future do you think you will have if one idiotic decision to throw a stone ends up costing someone their lives?

“You need to cop yourselves on or if you think your children are involved, for their sake, you need to get them under control before someone is killed.”