Remembering Internment in Newry – 45 years on

August 1, 2016

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the introduction of Internment, where homes were raided and innocent men taken away and imprisoned without trial. Scores of men from the wider Newry area were forcibly taken away from their families and incarcerated in British camps. Many were beaten and tortured.

Newry Felons Association, in co-operation with The Pat Finucane Centre and Justice for the Forgotten, will be holding an event – ‘Internment: British Documents and the Irish Experience’ in the Irish National Foresters Club, William Street, Newry on August 5th 2016 at 7 pm.

Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

The event will tell a visual story of Internment using photographs, official British documents and the stories of those caught up in events of the time.

Guest speakers will include:  Anne Cadwallader from The Pat Finucane Centre and author of the book, Lethal Allies: British Collusion in Ireland; Margaret Urwin from Justice for the Forgotten, who has researched Internment using the official British archives. She will release a book this autumn based on her research; and Liam Shannon, an ex-internee and one of the ‘Hooded Men’ – one of those who were chosen to endure special torture techniques by the British.

Other local ex-internees will also speak of their experiences.

Frank Johnston, Chair of Newry Felons said the event is unique and “not to be missed”.

“Internment may have been introduced 45 years ago and the general history is well known, but what this event does is bring the local experience, the wider northern context and the private British government and RUC view together into one story.”

The story of Internment using photographs, British documents and ex-internee experiences – the Irish National Foresters Club, William Street, Newry, August 5th 2016 at 7pm.