Séanín’s brave battle continues

August 8, 2016

Belleeks girl Séanín Smith has endured another tough week in America after undergoing her third major surgery in as many weeks.  The 24 year old is in Maryland USA for a series of lifesaving operations in a battle against the effects of the debilitating condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).  The rare and progressive disease affects the skin, joints and muscles causing frequent strokes and seizures as well as affecting vital organs. The medical interventions in the USA are her only hope of leading any semblance of a normal life and, having been deemed by doctors to be too unwell to fly, Séanín made the gruelling journey to America in June via boat, arriving in Maryland at the beginning of July.

After going through extensive tests with world renowned neurosurgeon Professor Fraser Henderson, she underwent two major operations just days apart.  The vital Craniospinal and Tethered Cord Release surgeries went well and after a tough few days in recovery with severe pain in her neck, head and shoulders and battling a post op infection, Séanín’s fighting spirit shone through once again and doctors cleared her to undergo her third surgery last Tuesday.  A video update posted by her devoted parents shows the inspirational Belleek woman smiling and giving the thumbs up as she was prepped for Anterior Cervical Discectomy on three major vertebrae in her spine.

Thankfully her parents reported last week that the surgery had gone well although Séanín’s post-operative pain was very severe and strong pain medication had to be administered to make her comfortable.

“Her wee body has been through so much in the last two weeks,” said her mum who has been by her side throughout.

“Please God her fighting spirit will get her through all of this!” she added before thanking everyone for their continued support and prayers.

With the vital surgeries giving Séanín and her family renewed hope, her many friends and supporters at home and around the globe, who have taken her journey into their hearts, continue to wish her a very speedy recovery.