Anamar Primary School no longer under threat of closure

April 28, 2009

It would appear that the threat of closure facing Anamar Primary School has been lifted as a senior official at Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) has stated that there is no proposal, at present, to close the school.

Back in February, staff and parents at the school were informed that CCMS had put forward two proposals for the future of the school – 1) its amalgamation with St. Patrick’s P.S. in Crossmaglen, or 2) closure of Anamar.

A high profile campaign for the school to remain open in its present form began, culminating in a huge amount of written submissions being sent to the CCMS headquarters last month, ahead of the consultation period deadline.

However, details about the future of the school remain sketchy as CCMS insists that a proposal to close the school never existed, but those closely associated with Anamar, and those who orchestrated the campaign to keep the school open, would beg to differ.

School Principal, Anna Shields, has given the news a guarded welcome but, for the time being, celebrations are on ice as she awaits written clarification from CCMS on the school’s future.

Mr Kevin O’Hara, Senior Adviser for CCMS, said it intends to issue “an interim response statement” later this week.

“There has been consultation on possible future options – two options were suggested [at this point Mr O’Hara did not explicitly specify what these two options were] and people were asked to respond to these and/or suggest other options. The consultation period has ended. At this stage CCMS has not published any further options so nothing has changed,” Mr O’Hara told The Examiner.

However, with confirmation that a proposal to close the school does not now exist, it appears that Anamar Primary will remain open for business and continue to provide quality education to local children.