Newry pensioner scoops £1m in Euromillions draw

September 12, 2016

A Newry pensioner is coming to terms with his good fortune after scooping more than £1million in the Euromillions lottery.

Jim McLoughlin (68) bought his ticket for the Mega Friday draw on 26th August but only discovered he was a winner when he found the ticket in his coat pocket and took it along to his local supermarket last weekend.

Having asked the counter assistant to check the ticket, he recalled: “once she put it into the machine a noise went off – the two of us just looked at each other wondering what was going on?  It never once occurred to me that I was about to become a millionaire!”

Staff advised Jim to contact Camelot who confirmed he had indeed won £1m, along with a holiday worth a further £46,000.

“I was speaking to the adviser who confirmed that I had won £1m and the choice of whether to take a breathtaking Brazilian adventure or the cash equivalent.  Well, I was absolutely stunned.  Those words were never something I thought anyone would be saying to me.

“I asked her to check everything again, asked her was she sure?  My mind was totally buzzing, I just couldn’t process what was happening to me.”

Not a keen traveller, the father-of-one chose to take the cash alternative, adding another £46,066 to his win.

Still in a state of shock, Jim says he then rang his son Gary to tell him the news.

“When I told Gary he simply didn’t believe me so he checked my numbers via the red button on my TV set and initially he thought it was all a mistake as he missed my winning code.  So when he told me I was devastated!  However, I asked him to check again and sure enough when he spotted my numbers he realised that it was all true and his dad had just become a millionaire!”

Jim, who lives in the North Street area of the city, says he plans to use some of his winnings to help out family and friends.

“I’d also like to buy my flat and totally renovate it and maybe buy a new car as well,” he added.

Independent Councillor Davy Hyland says he is delighted for Mr McLoughlin and described him as “a well-known character” adding that everyone in Newry is very pleased for him.