Councillor condemns vehicle break-ins

September 12, 2016

Sinn Fein Councillor Charlie Casey has condemned those responsible for breaking into cars parked near the Carnbane football pitch in Newry last Thursday evening. The Councillor, who was contacted by a family member who owned one of the vehicles targeted, said the cars belonged to local soccer players who were training in Carnbane when the break-ins were carried out.

Two cars parked on the Carnbane Road were broken into and anything of value stolen.   The Sinn Fein Councillor said he believed the activation of the car alarm on one of the vehicles scared the thieves off and saved other cars in the area from suffering the same fate.

Mr Casey shared photos on social media of the vehicles in question with their driver windows completely smashed.  Angrily denouncing the culprits, Mr Casey said,

“These young men who were targeted are hard working, law abiding people, some with families and young children. Child seats were clearly visible in at least one car.  They have lost precious family photos which were inside their wallets and other items of identification which necessitated cards being cancelled and caused untold inconvenience.

“The perpetrators of this crime have probably never done a day’s work in their lives, instead they live on ill gotten gains from incidents like this.”

The Sinn Fein Councillor “unreservedly” condemned the incident and issued a warning to motorists to avoid leaving anything of value in their unattended vehicles.

“It seems however that thieves like this will break into vehicles regardless and ransack the interiors,” he added.

Police investigating the thefts are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident or anyone with any information to contact officers in Newry on 101 quoting reference number 1200 of 08/09/16.