Game of Thrones Quiz

September 12, 2016

The very popular Game of Thrones TV series is the topic for a new fund raiser being organised by the Brain Injury Foundation which is taking place in Bellini’s at 8pm on Saturday 17th September.

Ross Elmore has been volunteering with the Foundation for over a year but is going off now to university in England. Ross said, “My experiences in BIF have been invaluable in helping me secure the university placement I wanted. I am going to study social work and the time I have spent in BIF with both brain injury survivors and their carers has taught me so much. I have learnt how to empathise with people, to listen and to allow people the dignity of making their own decisions. Acquired brain injury is a terrible challenge for anyone to face and I have been very deeply moved by the courage and determination of the brain injury survivors I met in BIF, people of all ages and backgrounds. I have also been extremely impressed by the carers I have met. I came to realise that a brain injury is for life and that this means life for the carer as well as the survivor.

My time with BIF made such an impact that I really wanted to give something back and so I was delighted when the BIF committee endorsed my idea of a dedicated Game of Thrones quiz. I am a big fan of the series myself and an awful lot of my friends are addicts so I am hoping for a very big turnout in Bellini’s on Saturday 17th September when we host Newry’s first ever Game of Thrones quiz. I have enjoyed putting the questions together and am really looking forward to being quiz master in Bellini’s. There is a lot of interest in the quiz and I am assured there will be more finals if needs be.”

Frank Dolaghan, Chair of the Foundation and himself a Carer said ” I have to admit I have not seen Game of Thrones but do know there are many areas in Northern Ireland which attract dozens of fans. I therefore look forward to seeing a keen competition and great fighting.

Ross has put a huge effort into the event and we hope to attract a great crowd to see who is the masterpiece Champion. We will be using the proceeds of the event to help meet the costs of our annual programme of visits by Santa Claus to children with disabilities. Anyone interested in the quiz is invited to text their interest to 07740823713 or to email Teams of up to five people are invited at £5 per person.