End of an era as Crossmaglen Sorting Office closes

October 31, 2016

Saturday marked the end of an era in Crossmaglen as the town’s Royal Mail sorting office closed its doors for the last time.

Sorting services for the area will now be centralised in Newry and the five local posties who manned the sorting office will see their working day extended as they will now travel to Newry each morning to sort mail for the area before bringing it back out for delivery in Crossmaglen and the surrounding area.

Speaking to The Examiner about the closure, Crossmaglen Postman Joe Hughes, who has been sorting and delivering post in the area for almost twenty years, admits the new way of working will be a huge change from his previous two minute commute to work each morning.

“Three of us are from Crossmaglen so we’ll notice a big change in our daily commute!” he joked.

“Instead of the usual two minutes to the sorting office, we’ll each drive to the Newry sorting office to sort the post for the area there before bringing it back out to Crossmaglen to be delivered.”

The change is not expected to affect postal delivery times in the area however, as the hard working postmen and women will begin their shift one hour earlier to cover their travel time to Newry and back.

Royal Mail have confirmed that, with the imminent relocation of the Crossmaglen Post Office to Centra in North Street, customers collecting mail which they were not at home to receive will be able to do so at the new Post Office branch and will not have to travel to the Newry sorting office.

The new Post Office will also have increased opening hours of Monday to Sunday 7am to 11pm with the mail collection service available to customers throughout these times.

The postal company have also advised that the Royal Mail employees working out of Crossmaglen who have transferred to the Newry Delivery Office will be reimbursed for any increased travel costs.