Mountain Rescue Team retrieves young hillwalkers on Slieve Gullion

January 16, 2017

Members of the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team, along with the PSNI and the Dublin-Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, were involved in the rescue of two young hillwalkers on Slieve Gullion on Monday evening last.

The youths, from Camlough, had been walking on the mountain when poor weather and fading light made their return journey impossible.

Shortly before 5.30pm the mountain rescue team received a request for assistance and, using the SARLOC technology – a tracking system designed to help locate lost climbers and walkers that uses web browser functions on mobile phones – they quickly located the walkers and led them to safety.

In a post on its Facebook page, a member of the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team revealed details of the incident.

“The two walkers had been on Slieve Gullion when a combination of poor visibility, strong winds, rain and fading light made their return journey impossible. The team responded and with the use of SARLOC technology were able to create a narrow search area in which the walkers were located. Both were treated on scene for exposure before being evacuated on foot to road access. After a final check by the team doctor, both were transported to family for the journey home,” the post read.

The team also paid tribute to the youths for reacting quickly to their difficulty: “Well done to the walkers who 1) Recognised the problem early, 2) Called for help early, and 3) Stayed put and followed directions – without doubt this made our task a lot easier and ensured their safety.”

A total of 24 members of the Mourne Mountain Rescue Team responded to the callout, which ended at 10.30pm and they offered their appreciation to the PSNI Newry & Mourne and Dublin-Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team for “background assistance”.

A PSNI spokesperson said the Camlough youths “were cold but grateful” to all the members of the mountain rescue team.