Young lifeguard comes to the aid of hit and run cyclist

January 30, 2017

A young St. Paul’s student has been commended for her swift actions in coming to the aid of a hit and run victim in Newry last Tuesday afternoon.  Seventeen year old Ashlyn McCabe, was travelling along the busy Armagh Road with her mother around 4pm on when she came across the stricken cyclist.  The teenager, who works as a lifeguard in Newry Swimming Pool, told The Examiner, her first aid training “just kicked in” and she urged her mum to pull over to help the man.  With two other passers-by also hurrying to his aid, Ashlyn advised them to call an ambulance while she checked on his condition.

“The man was unconscious when I got to him,” explains Ashlyn.

“I could see his bike lying in the road so it was obvious he’d had some sort of accident on it but then one of the other people there told me they had seen what happened – that he had been hit by a car which just drove on.

“As a lifeguard I’ve completed my first aid training so I checked the man over and when he came around he was very confused.  He was a foreign national who didn’t speak english so it was difficult to get him to remain on the ground as I was concerned about moving him in case he had any injuries and because he had been unconscious.  I waited with him and tried to reassure him until the ambulance came and he was taken to hospital.  He didn’t have any broken bones so I hope he has recovered ok,” said the young lifeguard, who modestly added,

“I just did what I honestly think any of the lifeguards I work with in Newry Leisure Centre would have done.  Having the training to become a lifeguard, it’s just your instinct to try to help in that sort of situation.”

Fellow lifeguard and former Newry councillor, Brendan Curran took to social media to commend the teenager for her actions, highlighting how Ashlyn had taken “first class control of the first aid issues. Despite the lad’s inability to speak English she kept him awake and alert until the ambulance arrived…. young people these days…:a credit to us all!”

Police confirmed that a cyclist was knocked unconscious after being hit by a vehicle around 4pm on the Armagh Road in Newry on Tuesday 24th January and have appealed for anyone who witnessed the accident or who has any information to call them at Ardmore on the non-emergency number 101.