Clonalig School Speed Limit Welcomed By Local MLA   

January 30, 2017

A part-time 20mph speed limit is to be introduced in the vicinity of Clonalig Primary School in Culloville, Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard has revealed.

The new lowered speed limit will commence operation next month and will be effective during peak school times.  The move has been welcomed by Sinn Fein’s Megan Fearon who praised Councillor Terry Hearty and the wider community for their efforts in consistently highlighting concerns over traffic and speed in the area of the school.

Speaking on the initiative which will see the scheme introduced at a number of rural primary schools located on roads where the national speed limit applies, she said: “Children and young people are among the most vulnerable groups using our roads both in the vicinity in schools and the wider community.  A recent innovation by the Infrastructure Minister has seen the development of part-time 20 mph speed limits at schools, especially those on roads where the national speed limit applies. The speed limit at these schools is reduced to 20 mph at opening and closing times during term times.

“The department is now testing alternative signing arrangements at ten schools,” Ms Fearon advised.  “This test will allow them to assess the effectiveness of new arrangements against the existing systems and should also pick up any unforeseen issues.  If successful, a decision can then be taken whether there should be a comprehensive programme of part-time speed limits rolled out at all rural primary schools.

“It’s important that we do all in our power to reduce the levels of deaths and serious injuries on the roads,” she added.