Bus drivers’ cars damaged in deliberate attack

February 6, 2017

Police are hunting for vandals who caused extensive damage to two vehicles in Crossmaglen in a deliberate attack carried out on Friday morning.

Ulsterbus drivers Raymond O’Hanlon and Andy McGrath got a nasty surprise when they returned to their cars, which were parked in Teelan’s Yard on the Newry Road in Crossmaglen, after completing their early morning bus runs on Friday.  Both cars had been viciously attacked causing damage which their owners say could cost hundreds of pounds in repairs.

The wing mirrors on both vehicles were smashed and ripped off and, according to Raymond, other damage to the bodywork on both cars suggests the perpetrator used a hammer or other heavy implement during the mindless attack.

Raymond told The Examiner he has been parking his car in the same spot for 10 years, with his colleague parking there for 15 years, and he says the pair have never encountered anything like this.

“Andy has a brand new Volkswagen Passat which he normally drives to work but thankfully he didn’t take it this morning,” explained Raymond, speaking shortly after the malicious damage had been discovered.

“We both parked up at around 7.30am and Andy passed the yard on his bus run at around 7.45 and saw nothing suspicious.  It was only when he returned after 9am that he discovered the cars had been attacked.

“We can’t believe this has happened,” added Raymond.  “We’re both working here every day providing a service for the people of Crossmaglen and, by and large, we’ve never had any problems – certainly nothing that would warrant an attack like this.

“We are the only two cars parked here and the attacks must have happened in daylight, but as far as we know, nobody has seen anything.”

With Raymond living in Killeavy and Andy in Inniskeen, both bus drivers were effectively stranded in Crossmaglen on Friday with the damage caused to their vehicles rendering them not roadworthy.

“This is a big shock to us and we can’t believe it’s happened after so many years of parking here without any problem.  We get on with most of the people we come across so we can’t understand it,” added Raymond

Police say that enquiries are ongoing into the incident of criminal damage which they estimate happened between 7.15am and 9.15am on Friday morning, 3rd February.  Anyone who noticed anything suspicious or who has any information is asked to contact police on the non-emergency number 101.