SF thanks electorate for ‘historic victory’

March 6, 2017

The newly re-elected Sinn Fein MLAs in Newry and Armagh thanked their electorate for helping the party secure its highest ever poll in the constituency with more than 26,000 first preference votes, representing almost half of the overall vote.

Megan Fearon, Conor Murphy and Cathal Boylan celebrated retaining their three assembly seats for the party, having “defied all expectations”.

Speaking afterwards, Ms Fearon said the team is ready the task ahead: “We said that what we win in this election we win for all, so now we have a job of work to do to restore public confidence in the institutions, to deal with the outstanding issues,” she said.

“We don’t need a new agreement – what we need is implementation of what is outstanding from previous agreements.  We know we have a task ahead of us now but the Sinn Féin team are up for it.”

Conor Murphy praised the electorate for the “brilliant result” – “We value and respect your support. Our vote surged 7.4% taking 49% of the vote to ensure that we defied all expectations and kept our three MLAs,” he said.

Echoing his colleagues’ sentiments, Cathal Boylan added, “I want to thank all those activists who worked tirelessly to ensure that Sinn Féin’s mandate has been enhanced and strengthened by the electorate here in Newry and Armagh.”