Newry-born author launches latest novel

March 6, 2017

A Newry-born author, now living in the US, looks set to replicate the success of her previous best-selling novels with the publication of her latest literary creation.

‘The Girls of Ennismore’ is Patricia Falvey’s third book and a follow-up to her previous bestselling novels The Yellow House and The Linen Queen.

Although having made the move across the Atlantic more than thirty years ago, eventually settling in Dallas, Texas, Patricia has remained close to her roots, making regular trips to Ireland to visit her sister, Connie Mathers, who lives in Meigh, and other family members.

Set in County Mayo during the period of the 1916 Rising, The Girls of Ennismore is the story of two young ladies from vastly different worlds – one the daughter of gentry, the other born to a tenant farmer.  As their lives intertwine, the girls become united in friendship through love, betrayals, losses and wars.

The book has already been widely acclaimed in the literary world:

“Engaging, atmospheric and packed with rich historical detail, I thoroughly enjoyed [it],” remarked Hazel Gaynor, best selling author of ‘The Girl from  the Savoy’; while Kathleen Kent, author of bestseller ‘The Heritics Daughter’ commented: “More than a finely detailed and well researched chronicle of two girls who abiding friendship proves stronger than blood ties, an unforgiving class system and even the ravages of war.”

The Girls of Ennismore is currently available as an e-book from Amazon, Kobo and a number of other outlets, while the paperback edition will be available for purchase from 28th March, and can be pre-ordered.  Publishers: Corvus/Atlantic Books, London.  Author: Patricia Falvey