Debut publication dubbed “laugh out loud” comedy

March 6, 2017

A well known Crossmaglen character is set to launch his very first book later this month.

The budding new author, known locally as “Marbs” will launch the aptly titled “A Night In A Pub” on Thursday 16th March in the Cross Square Hotel.

The debut novel is set in a pub where a group of friends are holed up during an electricity outage and decide to have a competition to see who can tell the funniest story.  Hilarious banter and arguments ensue as the men try to out-do each other with their tall tales becoming ever more exaggerated and outlandish.

The time-line from 5PM until 3AM is spread over ten chapters with the reader immersed in the humour and craic that abounds between barman Nigel and his friends Marko, Ron, Roono, Podge and others. Full of great jokes and side-splitting asides, the book fully captures the people and culture of South Armagh and Newry, who manage to bring humour and wit to the darkest of topics.

One reviewer has described the warm and funny debut novel as “a love song” to the spirit of friendship and “laugh out loud funny”, calling for it to be performed as a play in a theatre or movie.

Such comments are music to the ears of Crossmaglen man Marbs, who revealed to The Examiner that the book is his first foray into the world of writing.

“I’ve been taking notes of yarns and craic in pubs for years and then I just decided to do something with it.  It’s taken me 4 years to put together and publish,” said the fledgling author

Self published through Authorhouse, Marbs is hoping to eventually be picked up by a big publisher in the future and he is nervously awaiting a positive review from Clarion which could pave the way towards a bigger publishing deal.

Giving some insight into the book, Marbs admits a lot of the stories and characters are based on real life people and stories he’s heard over the years.

“People might recognise themselves in the book and some of the stories,” he said, adding that there is also an element of suspense created about the elusive “ugla buglas” (leprechauns) who are mentioned by one particular character throughout the book, before the story comes full circle at the end.

“So far everyone seems to have loved the book so I’m happy with that.  My friends and family are delighted for me and it’s got some great reviews so far,” said Marbs.

There are currently 1000 copies of “A Night In A Pub” in print – which will be available to buy on the night of the book launch on 16th March. Everyone is invited to come along to the exciting launch of this fantastic book from a local author whose warm, witty, “laugh out loud” story could well see his talent receive some well deserved recognition.