Delegation visits Stormont in appeal for political stability

April 18, 2017

Members of Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade were part of a delegation that travelled to Stormont on Wednesday to appeal to politicians to restore a power-sharing Executive as a matter of urgency.

Alongside representatives of the business, voluntary and community sector, the group urged political leaders and the British and Irish governments “to find a way forward” from the current impasse.

Chamber President, Michael McKeown, said it is essential that a power-sharing Executive at Stormont is restored to protect the economic future of Northern Ireland during Brexit negotiations.

“Devolved government is the only option to ensure that our business community continues to grow, attracts new investment and delivers job creation on the ground,” he said.

“As we unite with our fellow business groups and representatives from the community and voluntary sector, our message is clear – we unequivocally state that the best way forward for everyone in Northern Ireland is through a local power-sharing government, which needs to progress corporation tax, restore business certainty and ensure that Northern Ireland has a strong voice at the Brexit negotiations.”