Planning permission granted for new telecommunication mast in Crossmaglen

May 22, 2017

The grounds of Crossmaglen Rangers GAC will be the location for a new telecommunications mast, after Council planners granted permission for the construction of the mast late last month.

The application, which was submitted in February, proposed a 17.5m telecommunications mast to carry 3 antennae, 2 radio dishes and associated works to be erected within the grounds of the Cullaville Road sports complex, situated within the development limits of the town.

The associated report highlighted that although there are a large number of dwellings in the area of the Cullaville Road, there are also a large number of businesses located in the vicinity, naming Martin’s Hardware as the large commercial site directly adjacent to the area proposed for the mast.

The mast will be located to the west of the Crossmaglen Rangers’ clubhouse on “lands that bound the northern side of the sports pitch.”  According to the document, the height of the mast has been specifically chosen for the site based on the position of the surrounding buildings and is the optimum height for the antennae to ensure the best possible coverage, significantly enhancing both the voice and data coverage in the area.

The Planning Department’s report recommended the approval of the mast, noting that there were “no specific objections with regard to the Area Plan” and that the proposal forms part of a national strategy to improve telecommunication networks and consolidate infrastructure.  It added that any upgrades to existing equipment were not a viable option as it was located too far beyond the search area so would not resolve the coverage issues in the area.

The report also stated that seven other sites were considered and ruled out for various reasons and that the chosen site at the Crossmaglen Rangers’ grounds was “the most viable option” due to its proximity to the target area and the limited impact the construction of the mast would have on local residents and the townscape.

Meanwhile, the Council’s Planning Committee is expected to grant planning permission for a second mast in south Armagh at its meeting this Wednesday.

The Planning Department has recommended approval for the Telefonica UK Ltd application for a 12.5m mast in Meigh, on lands at Railway Road, southeast of Murphy’s Bar in the village.