Newry Chamber reveals 3 point plan for recruitment of Daisy Hill ED consultants

May 22, 2017

The Newry Chamber of Commerce and Trade has developed a three point plan to assist in the recruitment of senior medical staff for Daisy Hill Emergency Department. In a statement released last week the Newry Chamber reiterated that the presence of a secure Emergency Department at Daisy Hill Hospital “is vital to the wellbeing of all our employees across all the business sectors.”

The statement added that following a meeting with officials from the Southern Trust, the Chamber Executive has unanimously agreed that Newry Chamber of Commerce should pledge its assistance in the recruitment efforts of Emergency Department Consultants to Daisy Hill Hospital.

“We recognise that both short-term and long term measures are needed and through our newly formed Daisy Hill Sub-group, we have formulated a 3 point plan,” added the chamber spokesperson, outlining that the first step of the plan is the short term execution of a marketing campaign to attract ED Consultants to work in Newry.

A copy of the consultant job description can be downloaded from the Newry Chamber website:

( as well as a copy of the prospectus. These can then be disseminated through wider business contacts using their own marketing channels and Diaspora contacts.  The #workinnewry logo is to be used for a twitter campaign to ensure consistency of message and a short 90 second promotional video will be produced to supplement marketing efforts – this will be made available by the end of May.

In the second point of the plan, Chamber members are asked to consider if any of the products and/or services that they supply would complement an attractive relocation package. A list of benefits will be pooled into a relocation package and will also supplement the recruitment drive. Chamber members are asked to respond to by 31st May with ideas or suggestions.

Finally, a small sub-group has been established by Newry Chamber to prepare a plan for a “Master Hospital and Centre of Excellence.” According to the plan, the sub group will “consider the longer-term aspirations of what is required to service a growing and ageing population and the cross border demand for health provision. In doing so, this group will consider the policy and lobbying pathways that are required as well as delivery of visual concepts and costings.”