Hearty calls for full repair of border road

August 7, 2017

The Concession Road, near Culloville is in urgent need of a full resurfacing, Councillor Terry Hearty has claimed.

Following news that Transport NI has confirmed the route remains a priority due to its high volume of usage, it has not not as yet scheduled the busy border route for full repair.

Mr Hearty says minor repairs that have been carried out in recent months are not enough to halt its continued deterioration.

“Concession Road is a very busy main route for those in the Cullaville and Crossmaglen area, and is in urgent need of a full resurfacing,” the councillor said.

“This is a main route from Dublin to Derry with a slip road to the motorway between Dublin and Belfast. It’s not good enough that such a busy route is left to erode, especially when much more comprehensive repairs have been completed in the Louth and Monaghan sections of the road.

“For months I have been lobbying for major repairs, but to date only minor work has been completed in line with statutory requirements from the Department of Infrastructure.  While this work is welcome, it’s not enough. We need greater assurances from Transport NI and a proper time frame for when Concession Road will be resurfaced,” Councillor Hearty added.