Gang threaten to kill and burn down house of Cullyhanna family

November 13, 2017

Those behind an incident in Cullyhanna earlier this month, during which a man was beaten by a number of assailants who threatened to shoot him and burn down his house with his young family inside, have been condemned by the area’s Sinn Fein Councillor Barra Ó’Muirí.

The disturbing incident occurred on Wednesday evening 1st November and resulted in the arrest of three men, all of whom were later released on bail pending further enquiries, police have said.

Councillor Ó Muirí says the crime has shocked and disgusted the community and claimed the perpetrators are “out of touch with the people of Cullyhanna”, appealing to them to end their “violent barbaric behaviour”.

Outlining the incident, Mr Ó Muirí revealed the victim had been returning home from a wake when an object was hurled at his vehicle as he drove through the village.  Shouting at those responsible to stop, he carried on to his home in nearby Carraig Way but was followed by the gang, who smashed the windscreen of his jeep, kicked in the front door of his house and attacked him and his father with weapons. 

“Threats to shoot the family were delivered by the attackers and further threats of burning the house down with children inside were also made. 

After this, the assailants left the scene, but soon returned with another person, and together all three men resumed the attack and further damage the family jeep with an iron bar,” he claimed.

The councillor says he was contacted by neighbours who were angry and distressed.  “This disgraceful incident was totally unacceptable and local people are glad it didn’t result in more serious injuries or worse. The perpetrators of this crime are out of touch with the people of Cullyhanna, and on behalf of the entire community I would appeal to them to end their violent, barbaric behaviour which has become a blight on the whole area.”

Ambulance crews and police were called to the scene and three men aged 24, 28 and 62 were subsequently arrested on suspicion of a number of offences including assault, criminal damage and threats to kill.  All three were later released on bail pending further police enquiries and the investigation into the incident is continuing, a police spokesperson said.