Killeavy woman launches ‘Irish Words of Wisdom’ gift-book

February 19, 2018

A Killeavy woman has compiled a unique “Irish Words of Wisdom” gift-book inspired and dedicated to the memory of her late father, “who had a saying for every situation, good and bad.”

The beautifully presented Irish Words of Wisdom gift-book is the brainchild of Kate Hamilton, who is also the Founder and Managing Director of Mourning Cross, which produces bereavement pins worn by grieving family members to distinguish them at wakes and funerals.  The local entrepreneur developed the idea of Mourning Cross following a conversation with her mum and sisters where they all recalled their experiences at wakes shaking hands with the wrong person or were themselves mistaken for grieving family members.  Now the bereavement pins are widely used at wakes and funerals throughout the country.

Keen to add another string to her bow, Kate has drawn on her own recollections of witty phrases and quotes she has heard over the years to compile a unique and uplifting book which also features one-liners and sayings from a host of famous people, including Maureen O’Hara, Michael Flatley, Christy O’Connor, Clannad and Chuck Feeney. 

“My daddy had a line, a poem or sometimes a funny song for every situation,” Kate told The Examiner. 

“It’s only as you get older that you understand the importance of those words, the meaning and truth in them and we laugh or comment on how they resonate with us.  

“This gift-book represents all of the wonderful words I have heard, some from wonderful people I have met who have impacted me and many other people over the years.”

The Killeavy lady, says her goal with the gift book is “to keep alive, share and promote the works of the inspirational and motivational Irish words of wisdom,” which are showcased in the book against a backdrop of beautiful photographs from creative and inspirational photographers.

Thanking everyone who has supported Irish Words of Wisdom, Kate revealed she is already working on a second book, “Irish Words of Wit.”

If you have any witty, wise words of wisdom, you think could make the pages of her next book, you can contact Kate via the Irish Words of Wisdom Facebook page.

In addition to developing Mourning Cross and Irish Words of Wisdom, Kate has also developed a go to resource on all things Funerals and grief and now boasts a readership of over 15,000 hits per month.  She has also launched The Funeral Ladies with an article on research she has carried out with 57 funeral directors entitled; “The Emotional Cost of Being a Funeral Director.” Kate is also studying Coaching at End of Life.  You can reach Kate by email at