Completion of A1 will not solve Newry Traffic problems – Bradley

July 21, 2009

The completion of A1 alone will not solve Newry’s traffic problems which will require a separate internal solution including a Southern Relief Road , Dominic Bradley has claimed. 

Following a meeting with the Roads Service and the contractors Mr Bradley said they agreed it would be wrong to think that the new road would solve the city’s traffic problem.

‘The traffic flow models shown at the briefing in Newry Golf Inn recently create the impression that the new A1 when completed will lead to the free flow of traffic at the Cloughogue and Camlough Road junctions, but that may not be the case.

‘The junction models  show free flowing traffic which is moving must faster than was the situation before the construction began but what we must remember is that these models show an idealised situation without the effects of tailbacks from traffic congestion in Newry City”.

He said that under certain conditions, especially during the pre-Christmas period, it is not inconceivable that traffic congestion in Newry may impact on the A1 itself.

“The fact of the matter is that we cannot depend on it alone and still need to sort out Newry’s traffic problems.  More flexible traffic control systems need to be introduced to respond immediately to fluctuations in flow; we need to look at the possibility of park and ride facilities, and other measures which will help alleviate the problem.  But without the building of a southern relief road any other attempts to deal with the problem will only be short term”.

‘The SDLP will continue to lobby hard for the proper investment in Newry’s infrastructure to ensure that Newry can develop as a modern city in all its aspects”.