Clanrye river becomes Trolley Valley

July 21, 2009

Clanrye river is now become “Trolley valley”

The number of shopping trolleys dumped in the Clanrye in the middle of Newry has grown alarmingly in recent weeks as a serious downside to the ongoing cross border boom. Our photographer captured the full extent of this at the weekend revealing up to a dozen trollies literally dropped in one small section of the river.

Local  councillor John Mc Ardle said he was most disappointed by the sight and said that things had definitely got worse in this regard. He said it was obviously a waste of words appealing to people’s civic sense to return trollies when they had put their groceries into their vehicles.

“Newry has made such an effort in recent times to project a positive image but this is very bad from both an ecological and tourist point of view. I will be bringing the matter up at the next council meeting. It seems that as soon as one cleaning operation is carried out that the river is as full in a few days. But it is getting worse.”