Children at play stumble on discarded drugs 

May 21, 2018

A quantity of illegal drugs found by children playing near a Crossmaglen housing estate has heightened concerns over illegal drug use in the area.

Sinn Fein Councillor Terry Hearty says the young children were playing on a green close to Lismore Park in the town when they found “a small amount of drugs”. A number of older youths then took the drugs from the children and “flushed them down a toilet”, he was told.

Describing the incident as “absolutely sickening”, Councillor Hearty said: “All in all this is worrying incident which has once again reminded us all of the scourge of substance abuse that has plagued our society.  Drug use or carrying in any location is wrong but the fact that someone discarded it recklessly in an area used by children without concern for the health or safety of the local community is absolutely sickening.”

The Councillor appealed to anyone involved in misuse of drugs to think about the impact they were having on their own and their families’ lives.

“Abuse of mind or mood altering substances, be it hard drugs or medication, has spiralled and is wrecking and destroying individuals, their families and their communities.  Anyone who feels they are slipping into the ‘cycle of hell’ of drug addiction, please seek help and support,” he pleaded.

Mr Hearty called on any local residents who may have any information about drug dealing to report it to the police. 

“Drug dealers do not care what impact they have on the local community as long as they make a profit. They do not deserve any protection from the community,” he said.