A Level students congratulated

August 25, 2009

Students who received their AS and A Level results on Thursday have been congratulated by the area’s Assembly members.

As results were made public, Sinn Fein MLA, Mickey Brady, said, “I want to congratulate all those young people in Newry and Armagh who have received their A and AS Levels. These results are the outcome of years of hard work and show the commitment, dedication and professionalism of our teachers who have encouraged our young people to reach their full potential.

“Unfortunately there are some students who did not receive the results they had hoped for but I would encourage these young people to explore as many opportunities as possible. There are still plenty of options open and there are many alternative routes which can be taken in order to pursue your desired career.”

His party colleague, Councillor Pat McGinn echoed the comments and wished the students every success in the future.

“This is an important milestone in your life and I would advise you to consider all your available options before embarking on your chosen career.”

“84.6% of entries at A-Level in the six Counties have achieved grades A–C, which is an increase from last year’s results. This demonstrates that standards are being maintained and improved on,” McGinn said.

Meanwhile, SDLP Education spokesperson Dominic Bradley MLA has congratulated students on their success at A-level and wished them success in their future endeavours

“Once again our students have produced excellent results in their A-level examinations and I congratulate every student on their individual achievements – each of them has made an important step in their life-long learning journey,” he said.

It is very heartening that Northern Ireland A-Level students performed extremely well – an achievement which is contributed to by a variety of schools of different types – secondary, grammar, and colleges of further education..

“A-level results continue to improve and it is unfortunate that some have attempted to denigrate the work of students and teachers but I believe that we should salute teachers and pupils for their hard work, dedication and co-operation which has meant that many ‘A’ Level students have  reached their full potential.

“Results day is not an easy time for any student and some students may find that their results unfortunately do not match their expectations.  It is important that they contact their careers’ teachers and advisors to explore the many possibilities still open to them and that they do not make hasty decisions.  I wish all students well in whatever direction they choose to take.”