South Armagh ‘abandoned’ by Housing Executive

October 1, 2018

There is not enough being done to address the lack of affordable social housing for those most in need, Sinn Féin councillor Terry Hearty has claimed.

Citing it as a major problem for many he represents in the Slieve Gullion area, councillor Hearty says some people in dire need of a home deliberately do not add their name to the Housing Executive list “due to their sense of hopelessness”.  He says the Housing Executive needs to “strongly encourage” more building by housing associations in places throughout south Armagh. 

“People from areas like Crossmaglen, Culloville and Creggan have actually given up on adding their names to the Housing Executive long list due to their sense of hopelessness. This has resulted in many family members having to move out of the town lands and areas where they were born and reared,” he said.

“PPS 21 Planning Policy now means only one house can be built on an active farm every ten years and building restrictions in an infill site and replacement for old dwellings

etc, leave it impossible for rural dwellers to build in the countryside, however the Housing Executive/Housing Associations could extend on development land within our rural villages to help alleviate the housing stress.”

Councillor Hearty says he shares the feelings of many that constituents “have been abandoned by the Housing Executive” over the last number of years and he is actively encouraging anyone in need of housing to apply to the Housing Executive, adding: “this will leave our argument a lot stronger when we can say that the numbers awaiting housing within our areas are much higher.  This in turn strengthens our arm to encourage Housing Executive/Housing Associations to build to meet the housing need.”