Drivers warned over inconsiderate parking at Hospital

October 22, 2018

Police in Newry and Mourne have issued a warning to motorists who park in an inconsiderate manner that they face being fined or having their vehicle towed away.

In a Facebook post, officers say they’ve received a number of complaints of drivers compromising the safety of pedestrians by parking on pavements, forcing pedestrians to walk on busy roads and preventing people using wheelchairs or those with a vision impairment from safely using footpaths.

“Just because there are no yellow lines, does not mean you can park wherever you like,” the post began.  “If a pram, wheelchair or someone being assisted by a guide dog cannot fit past your car on the pavement then you are committing an offence.

Parking spaces are hard to come by at the best of times put forcing pedestrians onto busy roads especially when walking young children to and from school is not the alternative.  Car parking charges are a lot cheaper than the £30 fine you’ll receive if you’re caught obstructing a footpath.”

Commenting on a current campaign between PSNI, The Cedar Foundation and Guide Dogs NI to raise awareness of the need for courtesy and consideration of others when parking on pavements, the post referred to the general guide of leaving at least 1.5m of space for pedestrians.  

Warning of the consequences should drivers not adhere to the advice, and particularly referencing the areas of Sheepbridge, Dromalane Road and the Hospital Road in Newry, the post concluded:  “Please consider this a friendly ‘heads up’ to the issue, as we understand many of you won’t have thought of this before. However over the next while we will be actively monitoring this issue on the pavements in our area, if we see any violations we will leave a warning leaflet on the offending vehicles, this will escalate to tickets being issued and potentially even vehicles being towed over the coming weeks and months.”