Hollyoaks star Darren Osborne at The Bank Newry

September 29, 2009

Darren Osborne, aka Ashley Taylor Dawson, one of the most popular and longest serving Hollyoaks stars will be at The Bank Newry on Saturday 3 October.

Since 1999, Ashley Taylor Dawson has played the role of Darren Osborne, during this period his character has been involved in many of the shows major storylines.

Darren first arrived in Hollyoaks with parents Celia Osborne and Jack Osborne from America. His older sister Ruth was already living in the village. He was best friends with Max Cunningham. When Celia discovered that Jack had had an affair with Max’s sister and Ruth’s best friend Dawn Cunningham, she went back to live in America and took their son Darren with her.

Ashley aka Darren Osborne returned to live with his father at “The Dog in the Pond” pub a few years later. By now he and Max had grown apart, but Darren immediately became a friend of Luke Morgan as they both shared the love of football. At the same time, Darren and Ruth embroiled themselves in something of a family feud with the Patricks, who were also living under Jack’s roof.

Darren finds it easier making enemies than he does friends, what with his constant scheming and dangerous gambling habit. Darren got both himself and his dad Jack into huge trouble as he persuaded Jack to fake his own death for insurance money. Jack got caught out, and both faced time in prison. Darren has now been released, and is pursuing his relationship with devious Cindy Cunningham.

Ashley Dawson was a member of the UK pop band Allstars as well. His college friend, Sam Bloom, called him up for an audition and invited him over. Byrne Blood Productions (Steps, A1), the management company at that time, was surprised to find that the actor could also dance and sing. Dawson eventually made it in, getting accepted and rising to fame. Ashley and Sam also shared a flat together. Other than performing, he also appeared in allSTARS*’ Accompanying CITV television show, Starstreet.

Ashley made many appearances with the band, such as performing on the accompanying TV show, STARStreet*. He performed with the band on 80s Mania in 2001, and was next seen on episodes of Top of the Pops. He later made an appearance in Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Stars in Their Eyes and RI:SE.

Hollyoaks star Darren Osborne at The Bank Newry on Saturday 3 October