Premier League Luxury in O’Cathalain Menswear

June 10, 2019

 by Diarmúid Pepper

In Copenhagen on Friday night, it looked as though a gallant and reinvigorated Ireland would fall foul of Denmark.  But then, in the 85th minute, up stepped Ireland hero Shane Duffy to head the ball into the Denmark goal to keep Ireland’s Euro dreams alive.

Shane Duffy is a poster boy on the field for Ireland, and now he is a poster boy off the field also. 

A dapper Duffy was all over the Irish media this week sporting the new and official FAI suit that is commissioned by Benetti.

And for local people who want the Premier League luxury that Duffy and co are enjoying, O’Cathalain Menswear is able to help.

O’Cathalain Menswear in Culloville is one of a select number of stores nationwide who are stocking the new Ireland team suit for 2019.

Proprietor Peadar Callan spoke to The Examiner about how his store was chosen to help launch the Ireland 2019 team suit. 

Peadar said that as a result of the success that he has had with the prestigious Benetti brand, he was invited as a sponsor to the launch of the new Ireland team suit.

He told The Examiner: “We sell the suits that the Ireland team are now kitted out in.  They invited some of the biggest sellers of the brand nationwide to help launch the new suits for the team and we were there because of the strength of our shop.”

In October, O’Cathalain Menswear will celebrate their fourth year in business. Peadar says that his link with Benetti is a measure of the strength of his store. 

“It will be great exposure for us,” said Peader.  “Previously, Benetti looked after Dublin GAA and that boosted their appeal in the GAA community.  Then they moved on to the Ireland soccer team in the past year. So for us to stock a suit that the Ireland team will wear to all the major games is great.”