Materials stolen from Newry school building site

June 17, 2019

Building materials worth thousands of pounds have been stolen from the site of Our Lady’s Grammar School in Newry.

The thieves made off with a large quantity of wiring and copper from the site of ongoing construction work at the Chequer Hill site.

Newry Sinn Féin Councillor and Council chairperson, Charlie Casey, condemned those responsible and expressed concern at the increasing number of thefts across the city recently.

Commenting on the school works site theft, Councillor Casey said: “The incident not only saw thousands of pounds of materials such as copper and wiring removed from the site but it has caused huge concern, expense and distress to those involved with the school.

“I would appeal to anyone who has information about this criminal act to contact the police.”

And on the recent spike in thefts in the district, he added: “There appears to have been a spike in criminal activity throughout the City. This is a major cause of concern.   Whilst we continue to appeal to people to be vigilant, we also expect that the police will provide appropriate resources into not only apprehending those engaged in such activities, but also preventing such crimes.  Those who wish to rob and cause distress and fear, should know that they cannot do so with impunity.

“We as a community can help make our area safer and free from crime by being vigilant and looking after ourselves and our neighbours, particularly the most vulnerable within our communities. 

“We also require a well resourced, professional and productive response from the police in the challenge to defeat crime and apprehend those engaged in such dastardly acts,” he said.