Public urged to attend meeting on stroke services review

July 1, 2019

Members of the public are being urged to attend a public meeting on the review of stroke services taking place in the Canal Court Hotel, Newry this Tuesday 2nd July at 7.00pm.

The Department of Health is facilitating the meeting to enable people to have their say and local campaigners are urging everyone to attend and voice their concern regarding the proposed closure of the Stroke Unit at Daisy Hill Hospital.

Chairperson of the committee, Eddy Curtis, insists the closure of the stroke unit at Daisy Hill hospital “will basically mean that the residents of our region will not be able to receive the necessary treatment within the recognised ‘Golden Hour’”, inevitably meaning their chances of recovery will be dramatically reduced. 

He said: “The Department of Health, who are proposing the closure of our Stroke Unit at Daisy Hill Hospital, have to be told that the people of our region are totally opposed to this proposal and will voice their opposition at this meeting.”

To date, more than 10,000 local people have responded to the consultation by signing consultation forms and the Support Our Stroke Services Committee says it will continue to encourage people to sign the forms before the consultation ends in August. 

“The Support Our Services Stroke Committee are calling on all residents in our area to vote with their feet, attend this consultation meeting, publicly voice their concerns and get the Department to reconsider their proposals and retain the Daisy Hill Stroke Unit,” Mr Curtis added.