Newry and Mourne residents improve recycling rate

November 10, 2009

Newry and Mourne District Council would like to congratulate local residents for all their recycling efforts within the last year.  The Council’s Annual Recycling Report highlighted the fact that the recycling rate has increased from 30% last year to 33% for 2008/09.

This year alone, 14,213 tonnes of waste was recycled.  The Council runs a very intensive recycling scheme throughout the Newry and Mourne District, which if used to full capacity could see even further increases in the recycling rate.

Blue Bin Scheme

The Newry and Mourne District Council have distributed blue bins to nearly all households for the disposal of dry recyclable materials.  From these bins 5,478 tonnes of waste was collected in 2008/09.  The Council runs a Recycler of the Month competition every month to reward those who recycle all the right materials in their blue bins.  This is to encourage householders to use their blue bins correctly and increase the recycling rate for next year.

Brown Bin Scheme

There are 10,300 brown bins users across the Newry and Mourne area.  In 2008/09 nearly 2,300 tonnes of brown bin waste was collected.  The Council have recently provided brown bins users with stickers and leaflets with updated information on what can and can’t go in to the brown bins and are hoping to see this figure increase even further by 2010.

As well as the brown bin distribution, there are home composting (330 litres) bins available at a reduced price to householders, schools and community groups for their green waste.

Civic Amenity Sites

Residents are reminded that they can recycle up to 30 different materials at any of the 7 Civic Amenity Sites in the district.  These include florescent tubes, fridges, freezers, small electrical appliances eg Irons, microwaves and TV’s, scrap metal and household and car batteries.  In 2008/09 2,569 tonnes of materials were recycled from the Civic Amenity Sites.

Bring Sites

There are now 36 recycling bring sites in the District where glass, cans, newspaper/magazines and clothes/shoes can be brought to be recycled.  Recycling of glass at these sites has remained at 1,000 tonnes per year, the Council is encouraging residents to come and take full advantage of this service to improve on this rate for next year.

Aims for the Year Ahead

In 2008/09, nearly 10,000 tonnes of recycling was sent to landfill from the Civic Amenity Sites.  The Council are aiming to half this figure over the coming year.  If this is achieved, Newry and Mourne District Council could increase their recycling rate to 43% which is well over the target of 35% needed to be achieved.

The Council are hoping to continue the success of this year’s recycling rate and with the help of all Newry and Mourne residents, we will exceed the 2010 – recycling target of 35%

To read the recycling report in full, please check out our website: or contact our Recycling Officer Tel 028 30313233 email: