Man pulled from Canal in dramatic rescue

December 22, 2009

by Brónagh Murphy

The Deputy Mayor of Newry and Mourne Council, Charlie Casey, has commended the prompt actions of a number of Council staff who pulled a  man to safety after his car entered Newry Canal.

The drama unfurled shortly before 1.00pm on Friday when Council employees involved in maintenance of the waterway, were working in the area close to Victoria Lough.  As they went about their business, the workers noticed a car leave the Omeath Road and enter the water.  Rushing to help, the men grabbed a nearby lifebuoy to assist the rescue and managed to pull the driver to safety.  Shocked and disorientated, he was taken by ambulance to Daisy Hill Hospital.

Heavy machinery was required by the emergency services to remove the vehicle from the canal afterwards.

Praising the bravery of the Council employees, Mr Casey said: “Without their swift, lifesaving actions we most certainly would be dealing with a tragic incident this Christmas.  They are a credit to the Council and to the community in Newry and Mourne.

“I also want to wish a full and speedy recovery to the man who was rescued from the car,” he added.