Councillor voices disappointment at damage to Walled Garden

February 16, 2010

Sinn Féin councillor, Terry Hearty, has expressed his great disappointment at the recent vandalism of the walled garden in the Lawns at Creggan.

Condemning the actions of those responsible, Councillor Hearty said: “The community here is very lucky to have such a facility on our own doorstep. Many people would travel a long way to come and see a place like this. However, a very small minority would try and destroy it at the expense of the rest of the community who really appreciate it.

“Unfortunately the thugs didn’t stop at this. They decided to wreck the stone garden beside the play park, turning over the big flowerpots, just as the flowers are ready to blossom.

“All of these facilities and environmental schemes, which make a major difference to Creggan, were made by a hard-working committee on a voluntary basis,” Mr Hearty added.

He pointed out that the changes to the environment at Creggan in the last 10 to 15 years has been unbelievable and that the Residents Group worked extremely hard to make these changes.

“There was many evenings and nights spent filling application forms for funding, some of which were 60 pages thick.  Many days were spent weeding flowerbeds, watering flower baskets and collecting the 50-50 club around the houses on wet evenings.

“The one reason funders worked so well with the Residents group was that all the work done over the years was well looked after and funders knew it was money well spent,” he said.

“I am calling on parents to make sure that their children are not involved with the small minority who are trying to undo all of the good work done by the Residents group.”