Man charged with possession of bomb-making information 

February 23, 2010

A 21-year-old man appeared before Newry Magistrates Court on Friday charged with having bomb-making information.

Patrick Gordon, of Newtownhamilton Road, Armagh, was charged with possessing documents likely to be of use to terrorists.

Police retrieved two deleted files from his iPhone on how to make a bomb and a diagram of an improvised firearm.  During a police search of his home, a handwritten list of ingredients for a bomb was found under his bed.

The court heard the accused was curious after watching an action film.

“His explanation was that he watched a film called The Shooter about making a bomb and that’s why he got the information,” a detective constable told the court.

However, when quizzed further, Mr Gordon would not elaborate, the officer said.

“There were three documents leading to three separate charges. All happened at different times and police believe it shows a propensity to commit these offences again,” the detective constable said.

A defence solicitor said Mr Gordon was looking at the sites out of “curiosity and voyeurism” and there was no malicious intent.

“There was no evidence of any bomb making or that Mr Gordon is a member of an illegal organisation,” the solicitor said.

“He was immature and looking at the sites out of curiosity and boredom. He’s not a fantasist, not someone who goes into their back garden or garage to make these things himself or with other individuals.

“Mr Gordon accepts fully that he looked at the items on the iPhone and that the note was under his bed,” the defence said.

“It would be a lot more serious if he was found with the names and addresses of people in the security services but he was not.”

Mr Gordon’s father and fiancée, who were at the court hearing, have been left ‘devastated’ by the charges, the defence said.

Refusing bail, district judge Rosie Watters said Mr Gordon had showed a ‘very keen interest’ in the material.

“I have to look at the context of someone having that information and what they would use it for,” she said.

Mr Gordon was remanded in custody to appear by videolink to Armagh Magistrates Court on March 9th.