Residents petition Roads Service

March 2, 2010

By Brónagh Murphy

Residents living close to the new road system at the Egyptian Arch on Newry’s Camlough Road have launched a petition calling on DRD Roads Service to make better provision for traffic flow on the opposite side of the Arch.

They are calling on the Department to construct a roundabout at the top of the Millvale Road and provide a filter lane leading from it to the Egyptian Arch. They say they are ‘infuriated’ with what they term ‘the situation imposed on them’ by the ongoing construction of the new bypass.  Claiming their needs are being overlooked, they say the extensive new road system on the city side of the Egyptian Arch does not match the simple two lane system on the other side of the bridge.

Spokesperson for the local businesses and residents, Brendan Durkin, said: “There are a number of businesses and families on the Camlough and Millvale Roads who are now facing an impossible living and working environment. We have a fantastic new road system on one side of the Arch with nothing to back it up on the other side of the bridge.

“The Camlough Road is a very important commuter route for thousands of people each day. At peak times it is already a bottleneck even without the Railway Station and old bypass traffic as this is currently being diverted. We have been trying to get our voice heard for quite some time. We are not looking for a completely new road system, we are simply looking for a solution which would help to ease the situation.”

Explaining the proposed creation of a roundabout at the Millvale Road, Mr Durkin added: “It will not completely solve the situation but it would help. The reason we are lobbying for a roundabout and a filter lane is to ease congestion in the run up to the narrow pass through the Arch. This would afford residents and businesses on the Camlough/Millvale Roads an opportunity to get out into the traffic and to allow free flow of traffic when someone wants to access a home or business on either of these roads.”

Anyone wishing to add their name to the petition can do so through a number of outlets in the area including Millvale Service Station and Smiths Archview Garage or by contacting any of the members of the business and residents group.