Meigh shooting victim in £200k extortion threat

April 13, 2010

By Brónagh Murphy

The man who was shot three times in his Meigh home last month says he has been told that he will be killed unless he hands over £200,000. 

On March 13th, John McNally was watching television in his Gullion View home when masked gunmen burst in.  They demanded money and repeatedly threatened him before shooting him three times in the legs.  As the gunmen fled empty-handed, Mr McNally’s pregnant wife Colleen, who was upstairs at the time, found her husband lying in a pool of blood.  Such were the severity of his injuries that, hours after the attack, Mr McNally was transferred from Daisy Hill Hospital to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

He has spent three weeks in hospital undergoing intensive treatment on both legs and has had to use a wheelchair since.  Presently, doctors remain unsure if he will ever be able to walk properly again.

In the past week, Mr McNally has received a further threat on his life, warning that unless he hands over the £200,000 demanded by the gang, he will be killed.

A motor trader, Mr McNally has no idea why he is being targeted and says he and his pregnant wife are living in constant fear of their lives.

“I’ve no idea why I was shot or why these people are threatening me,” he said.

“I’ve no association to any group and have no interest in politics.  All I want is for this threat to be lifted and to be allowed to get on with building a life for my wife and unborn child.”

He has called on those behind the threat to come forward and explain why he is being targeted.

“We’ll go and speak to anyone to get these threats lifted,” Mr McNally said.

“This whole thing has had a terrible effect on my entire family, especially me and Colleen.  We just want this nightmare to end.”