Pedestrians ‘dicing with death’ with unauthorised use of A1

June 1, 2010

Newry and Mourne District Council and DRD Roads Service, along with construction firms Lagan Ferrovial and Amey Lagan, have issued a joint plea to members of the public to desist from walking or cycling on parts of the new A1 road between Sheepbridge and Cloghogue which is still under construction.

At a recent meeting of the Council’s Beech Hill/Cloghogue Liaison Panel the main contractor Lagan Ferrovial raised concerns that members of the public were ignoring signs and putting their lives at risk by accessing parts of the road which are still under construction.

Councillor Pat McGinn, Chair of the Liaison Panel, explained: “Work on the upgrading of the A1 between Sheepbridge and Cloghogue is progressing steadily with the fully completed road expected to be open to the public by the summertime. But while construction continues, it is important that members of the public do not access areas of the road which are still being worked on and are not complete. This includes walkers, joggers, and cyclists.”

A spokesperson from Lagan Ferrovial, said road users should take heed of the warning signs and traffic management measures put in place and only travel on parts of the road which are currently open to traffic.

“Members of the public are dicing with danger by walking or cycling on cordoned off areas. Just because cars are not allowed in these sections does not mean that they are a safe environment for recreational use,” the spokesperson said.

There is a great deal of local interest in travelling along parts of the new road.  Aware of this interest, Amey Lagan has agreed to open up part of the new road between the Sheepbridge junction and Camlough junction on Sunday 27th June for walkers, runners and cyclists to travel this route safely under traffic-free conditions.

On this day, two separate events are being organised.  In the morning the Newry City Marathon Committee are organising a competitive 10 km road race and a fun run/walk.  Later in the day Newry and Mourne District Council is organising a fun cycle event using the same route.  More details on this event will be made available in the near future.  For further information on the road race event, log on to www.