P.J’s Banter Banishes Gloom

June 15, 2010

Negative equity? Share Prices falling. Dole queues lengthening. Recession biting? It’s everywhere, isn’t it? And you have to get away from it and laugh – just laugh for two hours. Let go and to heck with everything. Spend ten minutes in the company of PJ Gallagher and you’ve forgotten your troubles. Spend two hours as will be happening in Iontas on Saturday June 19th and you’re over the moon with no gloom able to touch you. He’s like that, our P.J. bantering with the audience, challenging them, winning some very funny lines from them – it’s all part of PJ’s act.

Best known as the hilarious and sometimes outrageous Jake Stevens from RTE ’s Naked Camera and Makin’ Jake, PJ Gallagher is one of Ireland’s most popular and well-loved comedians.

For the past few years PJ has been wowing crowds all over Ireland as he tears through his hilarious live set with his customary manic energy.

His numerous TV appearances include The Tubridy Show, Podge and Rodge, The Miriam O’Callaghan show and 1 to remember with Brian Kennedy.

If you think Dublin wit is funny, if you think Ballyfermot people are quick with a  funny retort, if you’ve had enough of life, then get on the push-bike and take your mate on the bar and be at Iontas because if it’s escape you’re after our PJ’s yer only man.