Bank to ‘prioritise’ Crossmaglen ATM facility

June 15, 2010

Councillor Terry Hearty has expressed his satisfaction at the news that the Bank of Ireland is to reinstall ATM services in Crossmaglen as soon as possible.

This announcement comes following a campaign by the Sinn Féin councillor to replace the cash machine which was stolen in a robbery a number of months ago, leaving the town’s residents with no cash point facilities after hours.

Councillor Hearty said: “Since the robbery was committed I have been asking the Bank of Ireland when they intended to replace the ATM.  Once the initial repair works had been completed, it did not look like the service was going to be replaced at all as the initial site of the ATM had been completely plastered over.

“Bearing this in mind I contacted the bank on a number of occasions but could get no definite answer in terms of when the banklink would be replaced.  I then brought the matter to the Council Chief Executive Thomas McCall and to our local MP Conor Murphy.  Both men worked on the issue and I have just heard the news from Mr McCall that the Bank of Ireland have confirmed they will be prioritising the Crossmaglen ATM job as a matter of urgency.

“I am delighted at the successful outcome of this campaign as it is an essential service in today’s modern world.  When you consider that the Council invest over £1 million in tourism each year in this area it demonstrates even more so the importance of making it as easy as possible for people visiting the area and locals to access their money,” Mr Hearty added.