DJ Ironik makes his debut appearance at The Bank Newry

August 3, 2010

Ironik is the 21 year old urban superstar that took the UK chart by storm in 2008 with his debut single ‘Stay With Me’ and acclaimed album No Point In Wasting Tears.

Ironik’s professional career started at the tender age of 13, when he began DJ-ing regularly at Twice As Nice events around the country and he was asked to get involved with pirate radio. As his DJing career flourished, he began to get involved in production, setting up a studio at home and working with artists such as Roll Deep, Wiley and Chipmunk. It was whilst working with these artists that Ironik began to starting writing himself, eventually becoming a consummate performer in his own right.

For the last five years Ironik has toured constantly across the UK and built up a dedicated fanbase, who follow his every move on social networking. Night after night he pushed his music out there, found fans and kept them close by logging on and chatting with them post gig. As a fully fledged member of the ‘MySpace generation’, Ironik knew what his fans demanded from him and always worked hard to deliver to them. A gruelling schedule of no less than 250 gigs in the past year has enabled Ironik to build a widespread and loyal fanbase – indicated by his staggering 100k+ MySpace friends and some 15 million hits on Myspace, Bebo and YouTube channels.  The internet has been around his entire life, he knows its topography, he understands its flow.  “I go there when I need to connect,” says Ironik.  Every new tune is fan-tested – he gets reactions back within minutes. “I know everything on this record is massive” he says. “It ain’t even been decided by me, its all them”. It’s hard to argue with him – the uptake numbers for songs on No Point In Wasting Tears are incredible. Internet plays of unreleased titles like ‘So Nice’, ‘5 hrs’, ‘So Amazing’ and ‘Broken’ run into the millions – breaking new ground for a debut act.

After Ironik’s phenomenal online statistics drew the attention of several record labels, he was signed up by Asylum Records, the Atlantic/Warner imprint that has Wiley, Alesha Dixon, Kid Sister and Digga to its name. Following the enormous success of his debut single ‘Stay With Me’ which reached no 5 in the UK charts, Ironik has never looked back. He says “since I got signed, I’ve performed up and down the UK and had the chance to take my music to other parts of the world including Gambia, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and many more… It’s been a big journey!”

Seamlessly straddling the line between R&B, grime, pop and hip-hop, his debut album No Point In Wasting Tears is filled with an inspiring pool of talent in urban music, bringing to the fore some central figures such as ultra-hot grime MC Chipmunk; producer Bless Beats; rapper Tinchy Stryder; godfather of Grime Wiley; and hugely gifted singers like Young Nate, Ny and Digga. No Point In Wasting Tears is the not-so-secret diary of a young man growing up in uncertain times. Its lyrical themes strike a chord with a generation, whilst its musical depth and sing-along choruses will appeal across the board.

2009 saw Ironik teaming up with his friend and fellow artist Chipmunk to release his much anticipated third single from his album – Tiny Dancer ft Elton John which went Top 5 in the UK charts.