New charity sports quiz at Canal Court

September 7, 2010

A new sports quiz “Battle of the Clubs”, one of the biggest such sporting quiz events, is scheduled to begin on Sunday October 3 in the Canal Court. It is  being organised by Aiden O’Rourke, the creator of the celebrated Thursday night charity quiz which is now close to the historic £250,000 mark since its inception just over three years ago.

The  new quiz is based on the buzzer system as in “University Challenge” and will be between sporting clubs in Down, Armagh and Louth. The terms and conditions are as follows.

1. A £50 entry fee must be made payable and posted to the Canal Court for the charity of the clubs’ choice.

2 The Canal Court will add £25 to every charity nominated by the club. (Closing day for entries 20 September.)

3 There will be three games per night each lasting 20 minutes.

4 The quiz will be on a knock- out basis.

5 On the final night a representative of each charity and club should be present for a photograph.

6 Six members of a team are allowed and no age limit.

7 There will be a raffle every night and the money raised will be divided between the charities.