Pensioner’s safety compromised by wanton vandalism

September 14, 2010

By Brónagh Murphy

A Crossmaglen pensioner has been left worried for her personal safety after her home security system was targeted by vandals recently.

An outdoor monitoring system which enables the wheelchair-bound lady to see and speak to callers through an intercom system was destroyed after the operating camera was stolen from outside her Rathview Park home.

The 80-year-old relies on the system to allow her daily carers access to her home and her son says the loss of this has affected his mother deeply, leading her to fear for her safety.  Now she must physically make her way to the door, a task that is both difficult and can take a considerable length of time given her disability.

The incident occurred sometime overnight last Sunday night/Monday morning.  The camera was positioned on a support pole which overlooked the lady’s front door and was situated around 10 feet away.  It’s believed the culprits stood on a nearby wall and pulled the wires from the camera before making off with it.  The victim’s son says he is disgusted at the actions of those responsible and added that the camera is of no use to those who stole it as it can only be used as part of the security system.  He says that the incident could not have been accidental and is a clear case of wanton vandalism that has severely inconvenienced his elderly mother.