Poor roads blamed for end of bus service

September 14, 2010

Sinn Fein councillor Colman Burns says he has arranged a meeting with Roads Service and SELB officials in an attempt to reinstate the school bus service on the Polkone Road, 

The school bus service did not recommence along this route at the beginning of the new school term and Councillor Burns says its withdrawal is already having and effect on families who rely on this service.

“The withdrawal of the Primary School bus from the Polkone Road has caused a major inconvenience to many families whose children have availed of this school bus for many years.

“In an effort to reinstate this bus I have had ongoing discussion with SELB officials.  They have informed me that the problem lies with the condition of the road.  One particular bump on the road is too high for the SELB ‘yellow’ bus causing the undercarriage of the bus to scrape along the road surface.  This effectively means that these families are being penalised for the poor condition of their road.  Residents on the road say that a different style of bus has travelled the road for many years without any major issues,” Mr Burns explained.

“I have organised a bus trip for relevant SELB and Roads Service officials, together with a representative from Carrickrovaddy Primary School, along the Polkone Road to see at first hand the issues that are causing the bus withdrawal.  Hopefully, each agency will live up to its responsibilities and ensure that this bus is picking the children up along the Polkone Road in the very near future,” he added.