‘The Genuine Articles’

September 21, 2010

By Paul Malone Email:

Behold the power of the Genuine Articles. Exploding on to the Newry music scene in early 2007, the bands’ first outing as a foursome saw them debuting in the Battle of the Bands, judged by popular Irish website and the Council. Wowing the crowds with the catchy ‘Magdalena’ and several other songs they won unanimously. Following the Battle of the Bands and now established in the Newry City area, The Genuine Articles followed up by supporting Hot House Flowers and Shane Ward.

Confirming their status as potentially the best band to have ever come out of Newry, the Genuine Articles played in numerous gigs in Belfast, Warrenpoint and many other areas. Balcony TV, a hugely successful company promoting up and coming bands offered them the chance to gain some fans in the South of Ireland, to which the band duly obliged, and appeared on a balcony over-looking Dublin City singing their hit ‘Magdalena’.

The Genuine Articles have enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame with their catchy hits. From pubs and clubs around Newry, The Genuine Articles have received a cult following from music enthusiasts. The band consists of Hugh McCreesh as lead vocalist and guitar, Mo McCreesh on bass, Micky ‘Drumkit’ as drummer and Tom Beryl, a native of Manchester as lead guitarist.

The early part of The Genuine Article’s success story came in 2008 when the band was asked to make an official video of their hit ‘Magdalena’ for Newry TV. The video, shot from eleven different locations and popular attractions including the Quays Complex, The Bank Bar and Bistro and the Canal Court Honeymoon Suite proved a massive hit and was put on the media Ireland website. Following the massive success of the video the Sky Digital Polish Channel agreed to play the song.

Hugh McCreesh, lead vocalist from The Genuine Articles spoke of the bands’ music; “Although we are influenced by several different genres of music including Indie and Pop, we’re aiming to be a band that can be enjoyed by everyone, not just one type of audience. Our music is Indie, buy lyrically it is about everyday experiences which we hope the public can relate to in their own lives.”

Having firmly established a solid fan base in Ireland, The Genuine Articles moved to Manchester two years ago in search of the Holy Grail that is a music contract. Their most recent release ‘Supertan’, complimented with an excellent video (available on YouTube) has won many plaudits. Lead vocalist Hugh McCreesh spoke candidly of what ‘Supertan’ was all about; “the song is about lads running about with fake tan on thinking they are legends, the sort of guy that all the girls would take an interest in”.

Presently living in Manchester, they have been described by Buzz Live Reviews as “The best Irish export since George Best” and “fresh, fun and just what the doctor ordered, one of the best on My Space” by BBC Introducing Manchester. Speaking on their present activities in Manchester Hugh enthused; “in the last year the numbers that are showing an interest and turning up at our gigs has increased dramatically. We have had the privilege of headlining Manchester Academy 3 and Liverpool’s 02 Academy, which was obviously a fantastic experience.” So what does the immediate future hold for the foursome? “We’re planning on doing a mini tour around the last week of October, hopefully playing in London, Scotland, Belfast and perhaps a home gig in Newry” Hugh replied.

The band hopes that by spreading their music across the Irish Sea to a wider audience they will be signed by a record label, for which their exquisite vocals and catchy sounds deserve. “Accept no imitations” is a pun that fits perfectly in this context; The Genuine Articles are here to stay! For more info on The Genuine Articles go to their website or follow them on Facebook.